Fraunhofer is the leading research organization for application-oriented research in Europe. Our research fields are geared towards people's needs: health, safety, communication, mobility, energy and the environment. And that's why the work of our researchers and developers has a great impact on people's future lives. We are creative, we design technology, we design products, we improve processes, we open new paths. We invent the future.

Our dealings with customers and cooperation partners, employees, contractors and suppliers, as well as our focus on research for the benefit of society and to strengthen the German and European economy, is guided by the »principle of responsibility«. Because the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is convinced that responsibility and integrity form an essential basis for long-term success.

Responsibility is exercised at all levels: by the board, the executive committee, managers, employees, committees and the general works council. It can also be seen in the solidarity between our institutes and colleagues.

We respond to current social challenges with strategic initiatives to develop system-relevant solutions in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner. In Germany, we take on a very important transfer role in the science system.

For us, corporate responsibility also means constant further development in a wide range of areas - from responsible organizational management to employee-oriented personnel policy, the economical use of resources, ethical responsibility for science and compliance with social and environmental standards in the supply chain or social engagement in the region.
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