FSubsea AS

FSubsea AS

FSubsea AS was set up in June 2013 as a subsea technology spin-off from Fuglesangs AS (est. 1916). Our strategy is to provide the most autonomous, modular and robust boosting systems for the global subsea process, unmanned offshore, subsea drilling and deep sea excavation markets.

The company has a strong team with a culture of supplying environmentally friendly and high quality systems. We have supplied several pumps intended for the deep seas to date, and are involved in several subsea pump qualification projects involving oil service companies and western oil majors. One of the key projects involves the world’s first seal-less subsea process pump, with integrated Permanent Magnetic coupling system (Omnirise® miniBooster).

In Oslo, we have all employees in one location as well as an indoor, 6 meter deep subsea test pit (200 m3), 25 ton gantry crane capacity and a substantial amount of equipment for development and testing of Subsea boosting systems.


Our simple strategy is to provide robust, innovative and highly cost optimized subsea pump systems for subsea process, subsea drilling, deepsea dredging and underwater mining markets. Our focus is on systems that are either TOPSIDE-LESS, SEAL-LESS or both.

Applications include subsea dredging, trenching and mining, where we pump sand and rock slurries directly through the pumps, or our pumps power ejector based systems. We are also used as part of next generation offshore drilling systems in drill-cuttings transport, or complete subsea mud and cuttings return (to surface) systems. Lastly, we provide pumps to a variety of subsea process applications including boosting, cooling, heating, circulation, filtration and injection.


The majority of subsea projects require a large degree of bespoke engineering, particularly if robustness and extended lifetime is important in a particular application. Our organization is built to deliver such projects and solutions. At the same time we take advantage of standardization principles and proven technologies where possible, to deliver cost efficient solutions. Take a closer look at our technical assets here.

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Oslo, Norway

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