GEODynamics is the global technology and manufacturing leader in perforating, downhole completion, intervention, and wireline conveyed solutions.

Our Mission is to create and deliver downhole solutions that enable unsurpassed well economics, performance, and lifespan.

GEODynamics is the industry’s leading researcher, developer, and manufacturer of engineered solutions to connect the wellbore with the formation in oil and gas well completions. GEODynamics’ solution-oriented product line spans the life of a well from advanced perforating systems (including its patented REACTIVE® and CONNEX® perforating technologies and FracIQ™ Limited Entry Perforating Systems), an innovative line of patented well completion tools (including our patented SmartStart Plus™ Test, Inject and Frac Valves and our FracTrap™ Composite FracPlug technology).

To end the life of the well, we have our patented well abandonment tools including Eclipse™ Casing Removal Systems, IsoLoc™ Perforating Systems, Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers, Setting Equipment, and Jet Cutters.  

GEODynamics has its headquarters, engineering, laboratory and manufacturing facilities near Millsap, Texas and complete technical services and sales center in Aberdeen, Scotland; technical sales offices in The Woodlands, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Villa Hermosa, Mexico, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada; nine U.S. distribution centers; and additional international sales and support locations through regional sales and service partnerships.

GEODynamics also operates one of the most advanced engineering and testing facility in the industry (GTEC), geared towards developing and optimizing ballistic systems used in perforated completions and also complete hostile environment evaluations of completion systems. GTEC has conducted perforating tests in over 10,000 natural formation cores, the most in the industry.  

Our engineers have the products, lab resources, and software modeling tools to maximize productivity, reduce risk, and reduce costs of any oil and gas well.
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Millsap, Texas, USA