Hansen Protection

Hansen Protection

Hansen Protection, headquartered in Moss, Norway, has over 140 years of experience in designing and manufacturing textile products that safeguard people, material values ​​and the environment.

We are a leading European supplier of rescue/survival suits and work wear for use in harsh conditions, as well as a leading Scandinavian supplier of textile products for the leisure boat sector (canopies, boat pillows and chairs) and specially adapted products for the industry.

Hansen Protection has the Personal Protection, Working Rain wear and Boats & Specialty Products business areas

Hansen Protection has a strong position in personal protective equipment and coated textiles, and has experienced significant growth over several decades, always with the main focus on securing and safeguarding personnel in harsh environments.

Hansen Protection has its expertise in the use of advanced coated fabrics, relevant to a wide range of product areas and industries. Through organic growth initiatives and acquisitions, Hansen Protection has taken significant steps toward becoming a leading player in personal protective equipment for harsh environments in Europe.

We are continually working to develop our position in this market, we look to succeed in this, driven by the continuous acquisition of activity in the offshore oil & gas industry, as well as Hansen Protection's competitive concept in a large and fragmented rainwear market.

Support existing market-leading positions through continuous product and service innovation
Utilize the ongoing pick-up in the offshore oil & gas industry to generate revenue from both rental and sale of transport and survival suits.
  • Expand its geographical footprint and strengthen its international distribution power
  • Continue its strong growth trajectory in protective rainwear
  • Extend their integrated service concepts (rental) into the offshore wind energy market
  • Search for selected "bolt-on" acquisitions to support their basic strategy

Personal Protection

Hansen Protection designs and manufactures advanced survival suits, life jackets, and other suits designed to cope with harsh environments, as well as life jackets for various work and niche applications. Suits and equipment are delivered to customers either through integrated services (a pay-per-use rental model), and through direct and distributor sales. Hansen Protection is the market leader in helicopter rental costumes in Europe and has a particularly strong position on the Norwegian continental shelf.


Rainwear Hansen Protection designs, manufactures, and sells work rainwear tailored to a wide variety of industries, through its subsidiary Lyngsøe Rainwear in Herning, Denmark. The working rainwear is divided into four groups: Basic rainwear, Hi-Vis rainwear, Flame retardant & Electric ARC rainwear and insulating winter rainwear.

Boats & Specialty Products

Hansen Protection manufactures and sells customized textile products, including boat covers, cushions and seats, as well as textile-based industrial products for customers in oil & gas, defense and agriculture. Hansen Protection's product range of boat canopies is produced in coated and uncoated fabrics, and is sold mainly to end users in Norway and Sweden.
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Moss, Norway

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