Havyard Group

Havyard Group

Havyard Group is a knowledge-based marine and maritime technological company, which deliver innovative and sustainable technology offshore and onshore to customers within seafood, energy and transport. We focus on having the best competence within all our segments.

A desire to travel and utilization of natural resources in a harsh environment has developed the West Coast of Norway into one of the strongest and most innovative marine and maritime clusters in the world within aquaculture, fisheries, shipping and energy. The strength of the cluster lies within the many participants in all segments of the value chain – from end users to equipment suppliers.

Our Vision “Change our Industry” is our dream. We are convinced that those who are brave enough to believe they can change the industry are those who will succeed. Our focus is environment, safety and functionality and through delivering high quality products, we will achieve our dream. The companies in the Havyard group deliver designs, equipment and construction of advanced vessels for fishing, fish farming, transport, offshore wind power production and offshore oil production for shipyards and shipowners worldwide. We also deliver equipment and systems for transport, handling and processing of seafood for fisheries and aquaculture for vessels and shore plants.

The Havyard Group is a fully integrated shipbuilding enterprise. We are a part of the strong maritime cluster on the west coast of Norway which has specialized in state-of-the-art offshore and fishing vessel technology. We have a strategy that the most technology focused part of the shipbuilding shall be done by companies within the group. The Havyard Group offers ship design, shipbuilding technology, ship equipment and systems and service to sailing ships world-wide.

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