Heavelock develops an autonomous valve to stabilize downhole pressure when drilling from floaters. The solution will contribute to a significant reduction in drilling downtime, it will enable drilling of more wells and it will ensure safer drilling operations.

The project has a strong interest in the industry and is supported for further development.

Our proprietary simulation technology predicts downhole pressure variations caused by waves when drilling from floating rigs. This provides insights into risks and well pressure margins during well planning and operational phase

Our advanced simulation software is able to calculate anticipated bottom-hole surge & swab during drill pipe connections based on such inputs as rig type, drilling fluid data and well trajectory and geometry. Utilizing statistical data analysis for weather on a drilling location, we are able to provide an estimate of surge & swab pressure margins for your well.

Using our surge & swab simulations it is possible to determine a precise dynamic rig heave limit based on how much surge & swab your well can tolerate, not how much heave and waves the drilling rig you use can tolerate. This information will make you prepared for mud losses or kicks and can save weeks of NPT.

Surge & swab "roadmap" for good planning

- Precise calculations of surge & swab on drill pipe connections and/or rig heave limits for different parts of your well

24/7 operational support

- Rolling rig heave limit forecast for data-driven decision support, minimizing the risk of breaching well pressure margins

  • Operability studies for floating rigs in harsh weather
  • Cost-efficient surge & swab simulation services

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Trondheim, Norway

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