Hi Flo

Hi Flo

Hi Flo - provides patented design of a rising stem override on a dual plate check valve which gives you the opportunity to simplify your P&ID by removing drain points, heat tracing, insulation and parallel piping.


This cost efficient design will provide a hammerless process system and is perfect for gas applications. It is also a good choice for vertical applications for water and other fluids if a slightly higher pressure drop can be accepted.


The LoFlo™ control valve is constructed for precise regulation of low flows of media containing particles up to SAE AS4059 class 12B-F.

A special thread constitutes the long flow restriction and the flow is controlled by adjusting the number of threads engaged between a screw and a nut.

A machined groove in the bottom of the male thread constitutes a long flow path which allows for relatively large particles to pass through the valve without clogging. No parts are moving during static operation. 

Two spring loaded mechanical scrapers cleans the male thread and the tuned groove when the valve is operated one full cycle.

The valve is perfect for chemical injection applications and automatic sampling stations.

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