Hukkelberg Boats

Hukkelberg Boats

Brødrene Hukkelberg started by the brothers Ole, Ivar and Magnar Hukkelberg. The boatbuilding that is growing in the Hukkelberg Bay begins with wooden boat construction and repairs. From the first moment, the customer focus is quality and service. That has been the slogan for the company further.

In the 1950s, the yard became pioneers in aluminum welding of marine structures. Throughout the 1970s, one of Ivar's sons, Tormod Hukkelberg, takes on more and more of the management responsibility. The most commonly used building materials are now steel and aluminum, and most customers are fishing boat owners.

From the mid-90s, the yard begins with the production of high-speed aluminum work boats for rescue and rescue offshore markets. To date, over 200 boats have been manufactured for various applications around the world.

For more than 20 years Hukkelberg has specialized in the design and building of high speed workboats from 9-15 metres.

The boats are characterized by exceptional manoeuvrability, renowned build quality and with the advantage of low freeboard, the design is perfect for Daughter Craft (DC), Search And Rescue (SAR), Light Diving Craft (LDC) and similar workboat applications.

Today, the design and production of fast-moving work boats are under the brand Hukkelberg Boats, one of the central business areas. The other areas are ship repair, sales of marine products, as well as supply of products and services to the oil and gas sector. The area of ​​expertise and production has been extended to composite. The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Oil & Gas

Brødrene Hukkelberg is a versatile supplier to the oil and gas industry. We design and manufacture special products for plants and installations, or modify and improve existing structures. We perform FEM analysis or certification for designs where required.

We manufacture and install foundations, platforms and walkways, and perform component machining and parts cutting. We perform tubing of tubes in smaller dimensions. Brødrene Hukkelberg has a large selection of sheets, profiles and fasteners in steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and what we do not have in stock ourselves, we obtain from subcontractors.

Our team quickly finds solutions in collaboration with the customer and produces quality products on time. We are a reliable supplier, always ready to give the little extra for the customer to reach their goals!

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Aukra, Norway

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