HydraWell Is A Rapidly Growing Well Integrity Specialist Providing A Range Of Step-Changing Proprietary Tools And Associated Services To Oilfield Operators And Services Integrators.

Hydrawell’s innovations come from listening to clients’ challenges and downhole problems. The company was set up in 2008 in response to the recognition that reductions in well decommissioning costs would be highly beneficial to the industry.

Since then the organisation has successfully delivered a number of systems which have significantly reduced costs associated with annulus remediation and verification.

The founders of the company continue to be involved along with a growing group of more recent recruits, and our passion for problem solving remains undiminished. Together, our team has a wide experience in downhole tooling development, well decommissioning design and managing the delivery of safe and effective well operations.

We continue to identify and develop innovative solutions to the challenges our clients present us, always seeking better, more cost effective and safe approaches to well performance and decommissioning economics.
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Tananger, Norway

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