Hytek has for many years been a supplier of couplings, intermediate flanges, oil tanks etc. and today stands as a total supplier of these products. Our main partners in these types of products are CMD, HBE and Hummert Antriebstechnik.

Gears and splines

Hytek is your experienced partner in the delivery of gears. 40 years of production of special gear for the maritime industry makes us a supplier with high expertise in this field. Hytek has contact with a number of internationally renowned gears suppliers and can, therefore, offer fabrication of all types of gears based on customers' own drawings or based on drawings and calculations performed by us.

Hytek Gear

Hytek A / S Engineers at Siggerud outside Oslo have been manufacturing gear for maritime and industrial operations since 1965. For decades, Hytek has made Hytek a leading solution-oriented special supplier in the area of ​​special gear and standard gear. Through our own production of special solutions and representation in Norway for other gear manufacturers, Hytek stands out as a unique supplier in this field.

Hytek gears are specially designed gears designed to meet customer specific needs that cannot be met through the provision of standard geared gears. Hytek offers a wide variety of speciality gears:

  • All translations
  • Horizontal offset
  • Vertical offset
  • Angle Gear
  • Multiple shafts
  • Gear with built-in clutches
  • High Power Gear (5MW)
  • High torque gear (1000 kNm on one axle)
  • Clutch units for switching on and off
  • Gear for direct pumping of large pumps

The gears are supplied and manufactured in accordance with recognized standards for gear production.

Various spare parts

In addition to providing full service on all of its own products, Hytek A / S Engineers can provide knowledge and expertise related to overhaul and service on all types of gear for industry and other operations. If you lack documentation on old equipment, we can help you figure this out. By measurements and calculations and in collaboration with our skilled subcontractors all over the world, we can provide spare parts for yarns and couplings and through our own resources we can supply new drawings on the equipment that is delivered. This gives you as a customer with us the opportunity to extend the life of your transmission technology equipment.

We can also assist in the technical assessment of equipment and issue state reports based on inspections and checks performed by us.

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