iCsys AS was established in 2014 as a sister company to Envirex and Envirent AS. iCsys design and manufacture intelligent control systems (thereof the name Intelligent Control SYStems) for “remote operations”.

iCsys is not an “oil service company”, but the majority of the requests originates anyway from oil/gas and particularly within subsea where there is need for control electronics. Beyond oil/gas we also supply control electronics to ocean research organizations and agriculture equipment manufacturers, and we can see there is potential for our range of control electronics within segments like renewable energy and remote inspection systems.

iCsys holds four core values: Personal Integrity, Strong Personal Ties, Reliability and Innovation.

Business is about people, therefore business is personal. In every operation, we will ensure all personnel to be highly committed and focused in their presence. We put integrity high – we do not have a great facade to hide behind.

Strong personal ties to our co-workers, our projects, our partners, the suppliers and to our customers are of great importance to us. We care about each other and the people involved in our business. At iCsys we treat everyone with dignity, respect and loyalty.

iCsys will always be reliable. We will keep what we promise, act as we say and perform as expected. We will always comply with the applicable procedures, requirements and QSHE. We are devoted to ensure that all requirements of certifications and documentations are thoroughly executed.

iCsys aims to increase our knowledge, strengthen our creativity and enterprise research. This is innovation. In order to please our customers, we will always strive to be slightly better, smarter and aim for more. By thinking outside the box and constantly challenge our knowledge, we hope to contribute to the solutions and technologies of the future.

Corporate vision at Envirex Group is about making safe, good and sustainable business decisions to benefit the company, our stakeholders, our employees and society.

Our leading star is the overall identification of everything we do. The vision is easy to say, yet hard to be. In all circumstances, we will obey our leading star.
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Kleppe, Norway