IHS Markit

IHS Markit

IHS Markit is the leading source of information and insight in critical areas that shape today's business landscape. Customers around the world rely on us to address strategic and operational challenges.

Since its inception, IHS Markit has been serving customers ranging from governments and multi-national companies to smaller businesses and technical professionals worldwide. Serving customers and putting them first has always been the foundation of our business.

IHS Markit partners with hundreds of top solution providers around the globe to enable scalability and connectivity. Customers benefit as we team up to accelerate innovation, uncover deeper insights and promote operational efficiency.

IHS Markit is pleased to be recognized for our contributions across a variety of global markets and professional disciplines. For example, see how we have been honored for our work on behalf of customers in Financial Markets.

At IHS Markit, diversity and inclusion are foundations that shape and define our business and empower our people. We recognize, as providers of The New Intelligence that powers growth and value for our customers, that we rely on the vast expertise and knowledge that comes from a diverse work force.

 We have colleagues in countries around the world, and they are unique in their cultures, experiences, backgrounds and skills. We believe that a work force and work place that value diversity, foster inclusion and belonging, and help develop each person's unique abilities will enable us to meet and exceed our business goals and ensure our role as an industry leader.

IHS Markit strives to promote an inclusive and belonging environment in which all employees feel welcomed, challenged and rewarded for their contributions. We leverage our organizational diversity through our commitment to our Core Values of Accountability, Customer Focus, Inclusiveness, Innovation, Integrity and Partnership.

 Our ability to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest talent is the cornerstone of our competitive advantage. We take pride in cultivating a working environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish, colleagues can develop their careers and we can ensure the long-term success of our business strategies. Only when we are successful in realizing and leveraging a diverse and inclusive work force can we achieve our goal to enable colleague success and create customer delight on a daily basis.
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