Landbruk & Maskin

Landbruk & Maskin

Agriculture and Maskin AS has been producing and selling Rekord products since 1968, and with its well-known Rekord products, Landbruk & Maskin AS has also established itself well in the fishing industry, slaughterhouses, shipping, offshore and other industries.

Pumps, pipes and cutting systems are the main elements here, but we also supply tanks etc. Here we have a long-standing cooperation with well-known factories such as Vogelsang , Doda , Suma and Joskin , which are some of the most recognized suppliers in Europe.

Landbruk & Maskin AS is part of BR Industrier, which is behind 10 companies in 4 divisions and employs 1,200 people. We want to build a culture where we believe in the impossible, develop jobs and create good stories for the future. We do this with strong commitment, courage and a willingness to think unconventionally.

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Kleppe, Norway