Lanne Elektriske Verksted

Lanne Elektriske Verksted

Lanne Elektriske Verksted specializes in service to offshore operations - service, maintenance, repairs and sales of machines for use in potentially explosive areas. Lanne Elektriske Verksted was established in 1947, with the main emphasis on repairs of oil and air-cooled transformers.

 In 1978 the company was registered as a limited company and was then named Lanne Elektriske Verksted AS (LEV).

In 1984, LEV was approved and certified by Nemko for performing work on EExd (e), EExe, EExn and EExp machines and equipment. HSE was established in accordance with the guidelines in 1995.

Based on cooperation with customers and own documentation from 50 years of experience in the repair and overhaul of electric motors and generators, Lanne Elektriske Verksted AS has developed a systematic maintenance system for electric motors and generators. The system has been named TPE.

TPE Maintenance System integrates state-based maintenance, periodic maintenance and experiential maintenance into one system. By using parameters such as the engine's storage condition, external condition, EX classification, external environment and the like, we give motors a recommended overhaul interval.

The supplier of the measuring instruments in the TPE system is the worldwide company SPM-Instrument®. The measurement package is an integral part of our program packages.

Condition package

Lanne Elektriske Verksted AS delivers customized SPM software packages directly to the end user. Data collection can be done by the company itself or left to Lanne.

TPE package

Increasingly, companies want to develop specialized expertise in the maintenance of rotary machines. Lanne therefore offers solutions where the companies do not run the software themselves, but receive a guaranteed cost-optimal maintenance program from a specialist. Lanne provides individual solutions tailored to the following industries; crushers, industry, shipping and offshore.

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Stavanger, Norway