Los Gruppen

Los Gruppen

The LOS Group consists of a collection of companies, with LOS Elektro, LOS Marine and LOS Cable Solutions in the front. Our head office is located in Bømlo municipality and has branches in Bergen and Oslo. LOS is a total supplier of power and electrical installations, and ship service.

Our highly qualified professionals create value for our customers through efficiency, predictability and new, innovative solutions.

Our commitment to society is central to the business. We are developing products that set new standards for green energy delivery. We have an integral approach to our projects, with precise management and a strong focus on delivering as agreed.


The year was 1983, and the founders of LOS – Jakob Særsten and Martin Lønning – were both teachers at Rubbestadneset Trade School. They saw the need for an electrical company that could provide the students with a solid apprenticeship.

These apprentices have later been essential in the development of the company. The backbone of today’s company is former apprentices, over a hundred who have received their trade letters from LOS. Today, we know the story of Lønning & Særsten as it has developed into the LOS Group. The group currently employs three hundred people and aims at further growth and development in several industries and market segments.

The group is in a new era: The LOS Group consists of several companies that together continue to strengthen themselves in existing markets and conquer new markets, locally, nationally and globally. In 2014, the Group acquired LOS Marine, which offers complete shipping services. The historical lines of this company can be traced over a hundred years back in time.

The green shift is central to the commitment to the marine and offshore market. The close cooperation with the sister company LOS Elektro has also provided the company with prerequisites and assignments for remodeling and service on modern hybrid solutions.

LOS Marine has major growth ambitions and plans through the DockExpress concept to multiply dock and service capabilities. In addition, the dry dock will be able to take on special comissions that are not possible today.

In recent years, LOS has developed several new groundbreaking products. “RockRoller” is a system we’ve developed that provides more financial and environmental benefits by laying high voltage cables through mountains, instead of going over or around. “Zinus”, which has now been installed in several port cities, such as Ålesund, Kristiansund and Bergen, is a proprietary, innovative solution for supplying onshore power. Zinus also provides cleaner urban air and more efficient energy use.

The LOS Group works with power distribution from producer to end user. This means that we have an integral perspective that creates great value for our customers. We provide the energy with new, smart roads to the user.

With LOS Cable Solutions, the Group also has a place in the electricity market from 2018 and is in direct competition with many established players. Our customers range from power producers, network companies, wind and solar power suppliers, to offshore installations and sea cable owners.

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