M Pumps

M Pumps

M PUMPS, a Mischiatti family owned company, worldwide present through their own subsidiaries with 40 years experience in design and manufacturing magnetic drive pumps. M PUMPS, the reliable partner for your process.

MPumps: innovative standards

M PUMPS PROCESS provides to its customers a full range of quality centrifugal and magnetic drive pumps to satisfy the requirements of the refining, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Hybrid Rear Containment shell

Innovative and unique M Pumps solution offering:
       • Low power absorption and consumption
       • Low heat generation
       • High design pressure and temperature

Magnetic drive System

Magnetic drive pumps powered by the force of magnetic field. Such pumps do not require a mechanical shaft seal, and they are completely leak-proof.

We Know What To Do

Thanks to the 40-year experience in manufacturing and strategic materials knowledge, M PUMPS is able to offer a comprehensive range of process pumps, both in Magnetic Drive and mechanical seal version, for all industrial applications.

Our Technical Office

The Engineering office, where highly skilled personnel are able to handle extremely demanding projects, is the cornerstone of M PUMPS lean organization. R&D and production are entirely carried out in-house: magnetic couplings, wetted parts, dimensional calculations and running tests in the most critical conditions.

World Leader in Mag drive pump and Energy Saving

World leader in manufacturing the largest Mag Drive pumps available, M PUMPS holds expertize to reach installed power over 1 MW, system pressure over 1000 bar and temperatures in excess of 500 °C. Continuous research on the most extreme pumping application helped M PUMPS to reach excellence.

M PUMPS pays special care and attention to “Energy Saving” technical solutions, therefore reducing greenhouse effect yet offering a true zero-leakage mag drive pumps.
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Company Information
Corbola, Italy