Aesir Nettverk™ Intelligent Collaborative Platform

Energy, offshore and maritime operations are highly complex. Smooth collaboration between companies is essential. Operations are safer, more efficient and much more cost effective when barriers to collaboration are eliminated.

That’s why we are very excited about Aesir Nettverk- our Intelligent Collaborative Platform.

It’s the first platform allowing multiple companies to work together and execute projects in a single environment with shared data and intelligently controlled processes. Because Aesir is entirely Code Free, Aesir can be implemented very quickly.

Aesir Nettverk was developed in collaboration between MindXtract, FourICT, AuraPortal and our Norwegian Energy partners.

 Aesir Nettverk is capable of quickly integrating with any software systems , IoT, SCADA and all Industrial Data Platforms and Digital Twins. Everything is brought into a single hub and then leveraged by Aesir with real time control over all processes and data.

This ease of integration allows Aesir Nettverk to be implemented very quickly.

Aesir Nettverk's intelligent process management engine guarantees the end to end execution of all work processes between all connected parties.

Aesir eliminates the inefficiencies that exist between multiple companies in their collaborative projects and safer, more cost effective operations for everyone.

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