Momek Oilfiend Services

Momek Oilfiend Services

MOMEK Group has evolved from being a supplier of maintenance services to the local process industry to becoming one of the largest service providers in Scandinavia for multiple industries such as the process industry, mining, aquaculture, infrastructure, oil & gas, renewable energy and construction.

MOMEK Group is divided into several subsidiaries with different areas of responsibility.The leading industrial development zone in Northern Norway. The headquarter and main workshop of MOMEK Group is inside Mo Industripark.

Safety courses, good habits, safety campaigns, safety moments.

We spend much of our lives at work. It is therefore very important that the workplace is safe and promotes health. A safe workplace is one of the most important things we work with in the MOMEK Group.

All our employees undergo a thorough safety course when they start in MOMEK Group. We think it is particularly important to lay the foundation early for good habits to promote safety both at work and at home.

Every month we run a new topic with issues that our employees can meet in the workplace. In addition, we run a continuous safety cage and arrange our own Safety Moment for our customers, partners and competitors.

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