Companies around the world trust Nemko to assess their products, systems, installations and personnel for conformity with relevant standards and regulations.

Since 1933, we have ensured that our customers comply with requirements anywhere in the world. Our services include pre-compliance, international approval, product and system certifications as well as product testing.

Through our offices, laboratories and extensive partner network in Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa we are able to serve our customers in a reliable, efficient and open manner.

We provide local presence coupled with global knowledge. The group employs 500 professionals, whereof 105 in Norway. The corporate management is located in Lysaker.

Nemko History

The original NEMKO (Norges Elektriske Materiellkontroll) was established in 1933 as an institution for mandatory safety testing and national approval of electrical equipment to be marketed and sold in Norway for connection to the public utility network.

Later, also testing of radio interference requirements became part of the approval regime.

In 1990, as Norway entered into the European Economical Area agreement (EEA), the European Community Directives for product safety were adopted, whereby the traditional mandatory approval scheme was abandoned. In this connection, NEMKO was transformed into an independent, self-owned foundation, having a council of representatives from different interest groups (industry and trade organizations, consumer associations, utility companies etc.) as its highest level of supervision. At the same time, the foundation established and became the sole owner of Nemko AS, which constitutes the central operating company and is responsible for what is today denoted the Nemko Group.

Since 1992, both the scope of services and the global presence of Nemko have been drastically expanded.

Today the Nemko Group offers testing, inspection and certification services concerning products and systems on a worldwide basis, being represented at more than 20 locations in 12 countries.

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Company Information
Lysaker, Norway