NOFI is an innovative industrial corporation that develops, manufactures, and sells products and services worldwide. The main market areas are aquaculture and fisheries, as well as delivery of oil spill response equipment.

Our proximity to the Arctic Ocean has given us unique experience in developing equipment adapted to a cold and rough climate.

The company was established in 1978 and has locally rooted ownership.

The headquarter is located in Eidkjosen, Kvaløya Tromsø, about 7 km from Tromsø Airport Langnes. Here are the management and the main production. In addition, the corporation has manufacturing and warehouse facilities on Hansnes, Karlsøy, and sales offices in Bergen, Russia, and Brasil.

With the main focus of research and development NOFI will create sustainable solutions for our customers, and to be involved in ensuring a clean and vibrant Coastal by supply the market with secure and competitive quality products to a rough climate.


NOFI supplies the fish farming and aquaculture industry with a wide range of products and services. We develop and produce certified net cages, mooring solutions and special products.


NOFI is a supplier of a wide range of tools and equipment for the cod and shrimp fleet. We are the main supplier of gill nets, loneliness, and hand lines to the coastal fleet.


NOFI's oil spill control expertise has been developed over several decades. Our oil boom products are regarded as among the most efficient in the world market.


NOFI develops products made from flexible and semi-flexible materials, mainly technical fabric, PEHD construction plastic, and rope in various specifications.

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