Swarfix AS

Swarfix AS

Swarfix AS is a new company, but with a long heritage and vast experience from the oil sector. Our goal is to make tools that can help create a better and more efficient energy industry. Tools built with true innovations and brave solutions. Tools that allow us to meet tomorrow's challenges today.

Milling operations cause metallic debris, swarf, to enter the mud return flow. To avoid swarf reaching the BOP cavities and the topside equipment, magnets are installed in the drill string. However, as swarf builds up on the magnets, the magnetic effect decreases, causing some swarf to pass. This results in operational rig time being spent on clean-up runs and, in some cases, pulling of the BOP.

Swarfix captures and stores 100% of the metal debris, avoiding well clean-up runs and pulling of the BOP. The tool is based on a magnetic rod surrounded by a high grade, non-magnetic steel screw. A specially designed motor rotates the screw, pushing the captured swarf down and into a container below.

This principle allows the magnets to always be clean. The volume of the container is designed to accommodate all the swarf from the window milling operation. It is designed for both 9 5/8” and 13 3/8” milling operations.
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Stavanger, Norway

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