Ocean Team

Ocean Team

Ocean Team Group and our subsidiaries provide service worldwide. Our product and service portfolio is compatible both on- and offshore.

Especially, aiming at the sectors of energy, oil & gas, subsea, power plants, CHP's, nuclear, refineries and wind.

Our Group is an established setup of entrepreneurs with the desire to expand, develop and continuously, look into solutions, that in the end, are extremely beneficial to our customers. Opportunities are multiple and as specialists in a complex industry, we try not to limit to the above! Our technologies and services are very applicable to several systems and business'. If you do experience problems with contaminated fluid carrying systems or surroundings, do not hesitate to seek advice with the department closest to you.

Ocean Team is your international partner for specialised cleaning of technical fluid carrying systems. For many years, we have developed customised purification methods, especially for use in hydraulic, lube oil and process systems in the energy sector, heavy industries and maritime industries.

Ocean Team is a result-oriented service company based on know-how. Since the foundation of the company in 1995, we have accumulated extensive know-how and have become one of the world’s leading suppliers of total purity systems. If you let us clean your systems, you will be assured optimum production conditions.

Ocean Team lives by the philosophy: “Be Local by Going Global”

Being global means looking for potential options for cooperation with local professionals and reliable service companies worldwide. Professionals and possible business partners with knowledge and synergies within this area of business and with a long term and trustable relation to our target group.
This is what we call “technology transfer” beneficial for the local partners and customers.
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Esbjerg, Denmark