We provide services to the turbulent Splash Zone and Subsea. The Splash Zone is defined as the area where divers and ROVs have difficulty to work. Our services include Engineering & Planning, Rigging operations, Cleaning, Inspection, Repair & Modification.

From October 2017, OceanTech has taken over the Splash Zone division from PREZIOSO Linjebygg AS, including all technology, equipment, IP and know-how as previously provided by Linjebygg Offshore. This also encompasses worldwide experience with working in the harsh and turbulent Splash Zone for the Oil and Gas Industry, but also valuable experience in the Offshore Wind, Aquaculture and Transport and Maritime industry sectors.

The OceanTech team has an excellent track record for remotely operated solutions in the Splash Zone. Oceantech is unique, creative and open-minded, with an innovative approach to solving client challenges.

All our Cleaning, Inspection, Repair and Modification solutions for the Splash Zone are highly cost-effective, with no need for divers, ROVs or support vessels.

In addition, OceanTech has long experience in planning and execution of rigging operations both topside and in the Splash zone.

We execute work at client’s sites with our in-house developed tools and techniques, but we also design and develop bespoke tools and equipment for specific client requirements, on a sale rental basis.

The OceanTech Subsea Test Centre in Trondheim has a 130-meter long dry dock, where it is possible to facilitate and run all types of subsea test for tools, in both dry and wet conditions.

Full-scale testing in the Subsea Test Centre, prior to complex live operations, is one of the key factors that allows OceanTech to operate successful, efficient and cost-effective. Full-scale testing in the Subsea Test Centre also gives OceanTech technicians real-life training scenarios and the best insight into successful utilisation of the equipment for the task.

OceanTech works closely with the University in Trondheim (NTNU) and their Research & Development facility and benefits from their expertise in implementing new technology.

OceanTech encourage you to challenge us with your most difficult tasks!

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Trondheim, Norway

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