OCTIO provides flexible geophysical monitoring solutions, tailored to optimally fit every specific project. OCTIO’s services are complete, covering all the phases required to convert geophysical data into value for our clients. OCTIO performs geophysical studies to define overall monitoring strategies, plans and executes operations and provides support to integrate data in interpretation workflows.

OCTIO’s main services are:

Offshore seismic monitoring. OCTIO’s ReM seabed technology platform is scalable and flexible. It features MEMS accelerometers and hydrophones and allows for the integration of any other third-party sensor. ReM applications range from focused systems for safer and cost-efficient well drilling (DrillWatch) and around injection wells (WellWatch), to full scale reservoir monitoring systems (ResWatch).

Survey-based 4D gravity and seafloor subsidence monitoring (gWatch and DepthWatch). Time-lapse gravity is sensitive to fluid movement in the subsurface, and is the best tool for quantifying water influx or hydrocarbon depletion in reservoirs. Seafloor subsidence allows mapping hydrocarbon depletion, and is an important input for the safety of the installation. OCTIO Gravitude‘s technology provides world-best accuracies on 4D gravity and subsidence, at costs which are a small fraction of those of active time-lapse seismic surveys.

Geophysical consulting. OCTIO’s expertise covers the whole spectrum of geophysical monitoring: operations, data acquisition, R&D, geophysical modelling, data inversion and underlying rock physics models. OCTIO assists its clients in projects requiring such a wide expertise.

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Bergen, Norway

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