OIM Ltd. was established in 2013 and is a company providing innovative solutions for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry and support for the Offshore Wind Industry. OIM Ltd. is focusing on the Harsh Environment market, especially for the North Sea region, while retaining a global perspective.

Our experience is gained from multidisciplinary involvement in Offshore Projects and Operations World Wide.

OIM Ltd. delivers superior value for money to it's clients owing to strong commercial business relationships and innovative solutions developed over the last few years by ourselves and our Business Partners.

We are thriving to be "Best in Class" utilizing highly recognized Operators for our Unit operations.

OIM Ltd. units such as the BT-400PAU are tailor-made for these combined activities including possible SIMOPS of P&A and prep work for decommissioning. Modules, Jackets, or parts of them can be lifted onto the PAU deck for further processing into piece medium or piece small. Alternatively, modules or Jackets/sections can be lifted directly onto a vessel or barge deck for transport back to shore.

The unit's WOR can perform Heavy Work Over operations including:

  • Recompletion
  • Side tracks (out to 15,000 ')
  • ESP change out
  • Clean-out of existing casing / tubing
  • Milling operations
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Oslo, Norway

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