Otto Olsen

Otto Olsen

Otto Olsen is a trading and production company that supplies technical products to industry and trade in Norway. Otto Olsen is the market leader in its segments. Otto Olsen was established in 1866 and is a privately owned limited company with solid equity.

We can almost call ourselves a supplier of technical products since the dawn of time, at least since the days of the industrial revolution. Today, Otto Olsen is Norway's largest and most complete supplier when it comes to seals and technical rubber. This also applies to various transmission products, molded and machined products in plastics, cellular plastics, special lubricants, hoses and other technical industrial products.

Today, we represent a number of reputable manufacturers, and in order to satisfy customer needs, we buy from more than 200 different foreign suppliers every month. To secure our customers, we have built a warehouse here at Berger with a value of more than NOK 80 million. We have more than 40,000 different articles in stock, and we can, for example, mention that we have 6,000 different O-rings in stock.


New needs are constantly emerging, and even with extensive stock, we sometimes do not have exactly what a customer might need. Fortunately, we have our own production, in our own house. The department consists of 13 qualified employees in machining, cutting, punching and coating.

The production consists of four CNC-controlled lathes, two CNC-controlled cutting machines, three punching machines and various other machines and equipment for machining. In addition, we have started manufacturing finished products in cellular plastic. Our engineers, computer programs and our own production are major contributors to our development. Now we can help the customers much faster and more flexibly than the large foreign manufacturers can.

The industrial revolution started in Norway in the mid-1800s. The industry needed subcontractors and service companies, and Otto Olsen was among them. We have long been an agency business with agencies from many places in Europe, and we sold in Norway on a commission basis. Many of the products were technical. One of the agencies was Continental in Germany, which we got as early as 1911, and Continental (ContiTech) is still an important supplier for Otto Olsen. Throughout the years we have operated with so much, including wood impregnation, shoe soles and knitwear.

In 1954, Otto Olsen started as the exclusive distributor for Continental tires in Norway, and we began to stock goods to sell at our own expense. It was an important step and we grew stronger. The establishment of the Dekkmann tire chain made Otto Olsen a significant player in the Norwegian tire market. Today this is the only history for Otto Olsen because in 1993 the entire tire business was sold to Continental.

The sale of the tire business enabled us to spend more time and resources developing other sides of the company. Over the years that followed, we grew significantly through various acquisitions. A list of acquired companies since 1993 is:  
  • Tipak
  • Didrik Halvorsen
  • Gundersen & Haug
  • Autobar
  • Blidensol
  • Arne Bø Pedersen & Sons
  • Fenco Engineering
  • Norsk Papirbaandfabrik
  • Filtec
  • The seal housing
  • Scanbelt
  • Svako Industri
  • Svako Industrial tires
  • Arne Knudsen & Co
  • Petrolum Technology (PetroTek)
  • Industrial supply
  • G. Heier
  • Wipco Technique
  • GH Fittings
  • GS Hydro
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Skedsmokorset, Norway

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