Peak Well Systems

Peak Well Systems

Peak Well Systems designs and manufactures advanced downhole tools that extend well life, restore well integrity, and enhance well performance. Our success over the past 15 years makes us a specialist provider of choice for operators and service companies around the world today.

Peak's core competencies are the backbone of our current product offering, and include:

  • Well intervention expertise
  • Downhole mechanical design
  • Materials science for hostile well environments
  • High pressure retaining sealing technology
  • Well completions knowledge
  • Downhole microelectronics
  • Downhole power

Our design, engineering and innovation expertise, coupled with extensive wells knowledge, means that Peak technology is trusted by the global oil and gas industry to deliver cost, time and safety benefits.

Corporate Profile

Established in 2002, Peak Well Systems is a market leading specialist in the design and manufacture of advanced downhole tools that extend well life, restore well integrity, and enhance well performance.

Peak’s ongoing success in delivering an excellent service to customers can be attributed to a number of critical success factors which are core to our business processes:

Relentless Customer Focus - Being a leader in customer understanding, care and satisfaction.

Quality People - Being an employer of choice and attracting the best people.

Superior Technology - Offering innovative products, making them more reliable and stronger, adding value to the well like no other technology available.

Continuous Improvement - Enhancing our business through a smart approach to everything we do.

Best Performance - Outperforming our competition in all aspects of our business.

Today, Peak has an extended global network of technical sales support, rental and distribution facilities dedicated to meeting the worldwide demand for Peak products.

Our main manufacturing facilities are located in Australia and are supported by an additional manufacturing and assembly facility in the United Kingdom. Peak currently employs over 80 people around the world in design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing and management functions.

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Company Information
Perth, Western Australia

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