Perpetuum Wast Management

Perpetuum Wast Management

The Perpetuum Group is Northern Norway's largest privately owned waste operator. We offer our services within the hazardous waste and industrial services, industrial waste and waste from the oil and gas industry.

We have our main strike in northern Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. Through close cooperation with other players in the south, we can still offer nationwide waste services.

Previously, scientists used this name to denote a hypothetical machine that could go on forever, without fuel or fuel being supplied. More popularly, it is called an eternity machine. In other words, the name symbolizes exactly what recycling and handling of waste should be: An eternal movement in a cycle. We, therefore, chose the name Perpetuum.

The Perpetuum Group is Northern Norway's largest privately owned waste operator
We offer services in ordinary and hazardous waste, sewage and industry, remediation and demolition as well as courses and advice. The group is organized with the parent company Perpetuum AS, and the subsidiaries Perpetuum Circuli AS, Perpetuum Miljø AS and Perpetuum Mobile AS. Each of the subsidiaries has cutting-edge expertise in their business areas, but works actively to provide our customers with complete and simple solutions without worry.

The Group has a continuous focus on the environment and prioritizes the recycling of materials and energy.
All companies in the Group are certified in accordance with ISO standards for quality and environmental management 9001 and 14001.


Originally, the company was started in 1999 under the name Miljø- og Ressurssenter Nord AS, by Ludwig Mack AS, Løkse Miljø AS, Troms Kraft and JPB AS. This company took over landfill operations at Stormoen in the municipality of Balsfjord the same year. Subsequent acquisitions and new training led to the creation of several companies in the Perpetuum group. Today, the majority of the Group's ownership consists of JPB AS and Haldorsen AS.
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Tromsø, Norway

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