Delivering absolute integrity, always. Pipeotech kills leaks - protecting people, environments and businesses from the dangers of fugitive emissions. We are here to transform standards for industrial piping, one seal at a time.

The business of sustainability

Good business and good environmental standards go hand in hand. With growing climate threat, awareness and regulations your business must protect the environment. In doing so it will also protect itself, safeguarding its reputation, people and assets, but also directly impacting upon the bottom line. Installing the DeltaV-Seal will permanently eliminate fugitive emissions. That means zero leaks, zero lost fluids and gases, and maximum efficiency. Secure both commercial and environmental sustainability with the DeltaV-Seal.

Permanent protection

Install permanent peace of mind. DeltaV-Seal seals 10,000 times tighter than industry requirements. Once installed you can forget about it. There is no need to retighten bolts, no need for maintenance checks, and no question of unplanned shutdowns due to flange leaks. This is the solution industry has been waiting for – complete integrity, complete safety, complete satisfaction, sealed.
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Tvedestrand, Norway