P-laser can refer to solid experience, acquired for decades in the field of industrial cleaning. As quality requirements are getting more constringent, a new domain of expertise was developed: the use of laser light. Laser technology combined with dedicated application software has reached unexpected quality results and this for the most versatile industrial applications.

We list some of the most popular applications :
- Cleaning before and after welding.
- Nuclear decontamination.
- Lead and zinc decontamination on infrastructure.
- Spot repair on vessels, windmills and offshore installations.
- Plastic and rubber mold cleaning.
- Automatic glass mold cleaning.

A better use of energy and a significant reduction of waste, lower operational costs and higher quality levels with laser cleaning tools provide unexpected advantages.
P-laser offers complete solutions from advice and consultancy up to complete automated systems.
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Company Information
Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

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