Pakistan State Oil (PSO)

Pakistan State Oil (PSO)

Pakistan State Oil (PSO), is the nation’s largest energy company, and is currently engaged in the marketing and distribution of various POL products including Motor Gasoline (Mogas), High Speed Diesel (HSD), Furnace Oil (FO), Jet Fuel (JP-1), Kerosene, CNG, LPG, Petrochemicals and Lubricants.

In addition to these products, we also import other products based on their demand patterns.

Marketing & Distribution

PSO possesses the largest distribution network in the country comprising of 3,754 outlets out of which 3,565 outlets serve the Retail sector and 189 outlets serve our bulk customers. Out of the total of 3,754 outlets, 1,786 Retail and 167 Consumer Business outlets have been upgraded with the most up-to-date facilities as per the visualization of the New Vision Retail Programme.

PSO also operates 26 company-owned and company-operated (Co-Co) sites serving the retail sector. Co-Co sites are flagship stations which combine high levels of supervision and top quality products to maintain the highest level of efficiency, service and customer care. These sites act as benchmark for all other retail outlets.

In addition to retail customers more than 2,000 industrial units, business houses, power plants and airlines are being fueled by PSO

Acquisition of Products

The automotive sector is the main consumer of Motor Gasoline (Mogas) and High Speed Diesel (HSD) whereas Furnace Oil (FO) is marked for power plant usage.

To meet the supply deficit of the country, PSO imports Mogas, HSD, JP 1 and FO as and when required. The total import of black and white oil in Pakistan last year was 12.4 million metric tons and PSO had the lion’s share of this import with 11.2 million metric tons which came to over 90% of the total fuel imports of the country. Other than product imports, PSO acquired 1.75 million metric tons from various refineries based in Pakistan in order to cater to our market needs.


PSO possesses the largest storage capacity in the country. The company’s infrastructure stretches from Karachi to Gilgit. With 9 installations and 23 depots located across the country PSO’s storage capacity of approximately a million metric tons represents 68% of the total storage capacity owned by all the oil marketing companies.

Product Movement

PSO uses three mechanisms for the movement of POL products namely, tank lorries (road), tank wagons (railways) and pipelines. We currently have a total fleet of 8,595 tank lorries out of which 2202 tank lorries are New Vision tank lorries which are complying with the latest ADR standards and are equipped with pilferage proof tracker systems. With the commencement of operations of the White Oil Pipeline Project (WOPP) from Karachi to Mehmood Kot via Shikarpur and the MFM (Mehmood Kot/Faisalabad/Machikey) pipeline, the supply pattern for white oil from Karachi has switched from tank lorries to pipelines. PSO is present as a partner in this project and holds a 12% equity share in this venture.

Lubes Manufacturing & Sales

PSO is steadily progressing in the field of lubricants. We are catering to a number of sectors including automotive, Hi-street and industrial consumers through the provision of various products.

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