The family-owned company Reimax Electronics Oy, which was established in 1991, is an internationally operating producer and contract manufacturer of electronic and mechanical products.

The head office of the Group is situated in Klaukkala, Nurmijärvi, at a distance of just 30 km from Helsinki, while other production and business facilities are located in Salo and Kempele. The subsidiary Reimax Electronics OÜ is located in Tallinn, Estonia, where – after the latest extension was completed – production is carried out in two facilities.

We produce mechanical and electronic assemblies, equipment testing, and manufacture customer-specific harnesses and cables. We also produce rack, enclosure and cell centre systems.

The Group has been growing through acquisition of businesses. As a result of the acquisition of an enterprise in 2005 the Group established a subsidiary in Estonia, which made it possible to expend production to lower-cost countries. In Salo the Group acquired a real estate and automation centre expertise, which complement our existing production facilities.

We also responded to customer needs by acquiring plastic moulding technology and skills from Kempele, which meant that we can benefit from solid capability obtained over 40 years. This has strengthened Reimax’s service capabilities in producing our customers, inter alia, solutions intended for challenging conditions. The Reimax Group employs a staff of 120, and the aggregate production facilities reaches 10 000 m 2.


Reimax Electronics Oy strives to be an important and valuable section of industry underpinning success of domestic and global companies. We deliver our products to cater for particular needs of our customers, and produce key assemblies and subassemblies for our customers.


The quality in our company is underpinned by the ISO 9001 standards. The quality stems from the commitment of the management and every employee, reaching through the work processes all the way to the end product and the customer. Quality is present in every contact and stage of the process, and therefore it is of paramount importance for us that every individual in our company is 100% committed to our quality requirements.

We work together with leading business in the industry, and our long-standing partners expect us to ensure continued development of our operations and responding to the ever tightening quality requirements in different areas. We never take quality for granted, instead we measure and develop our quality on an ongoing basis. We earn our customers’ trust over and over again, and we strive to meet the customers’ quality expectations in everything we do.

In our company we value and uphold equality and integrity, and we respect work efforts of others. We wish to offer our customers reliable and long-standing partnership relations, and the customer-oriented approach forms the cornerstone of our business. Through cooperation and by taking advantage of the core skills of each of the parties in the best possible way, we achieve the optimum end result. We develop our operations continually, and therefore the company can tackle ongoing changes in various sectors of industry.
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Klaukkala, Finland

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