With over 70 years of experience, with Engineering and Production in-house, SAPEG is a leading innovator of Tungsten Carbide Tools and wear-parts. SAPEG supplies customers within various industrial fields Oil & Gas, Marine, Pulp & Paper, Power, Chemical industry, Aluminium, cables, recycling.

SAPEG offers solutions for reducing wear costs in various industrial applications:

  • Tungsten reinforced wear parts for a wide range of applications.
  • RUST ATEX Grinding Tools (Cold work tools) for surface preparation and mechanical treatment in explosive atmospheres and Hazardous areas. Air tool.
  • Flowline Magnets (MAPS) for removing magnetic particles in drilling fluid.
  • SAWS BVR, an efficient tool for single operation drill-through and removal of jammed ball valves

Our core competence is the design and manufacture of wear solutions with integrated components of tungsten carbide. Typical solutions provided are nozzles, grinders, rotating knives, shields, reinforced flanges/valves, magnetic filters, etc.

By utilizing the SAPEG solutions, our customer's releases cost-saving values by means of

  • Increased capacity in production lines.
  • Less interruptions due to maintenance and repair.
  • Longer lifetime on critical components
  • Time saving maintenance

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Tiller, Norway

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