Seabed Separation

Seabed Separation

Seabed Separation is a technology development company within the field of oil & gas processing. We have developed, and are in the process of commercialising our ground breaking technology solution – The Dual Pipe Separator (DPS).

We are Re-inventing the separation technology segment in the oil & gas industry by introducing our Dual Pipe Separator (DPS).

We truly believe that our technology will be the core to many future subsea development projects and we aim to work together with a limited selection of well qualified integrator (EPCI) companies to build production water management systems, with our DPS technology at the core of the system.

We have a small and agile organisation where we have elected to connect with some very competent technology development and engineering companies to collaborate with us in the development of our DPS Solution.
We have managed to stay small and lean, and at the same time have good access to competence within all important technology and market areas that we need to support our development programme.

A subsea processing module is normally installed downstream of the subsea manifold that houses the subsea choke. In the pipeline between the subsea manifold and the Dual Pipe Separator (DPS) module, the flow behaviour will normally be stratified or with slugs. Our subsea separation system comprises of three major parts; Gas Harp, Conditioning Pipe and the Dual Pipe Separator.

Our slightly longer ambition is to be an integral part of a larger oil services company with integration competence. This will give us leverage and secure our overall target of becoming the subsea processing partner for the operating companies.
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Trondheim, Norway

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