Storvik is a leading mechanical and technology company focusing on improvements towards the process industry, since 1913.

Storvik all started with Nils Storvik. In 1909 he married Brit Sande and became a farmer at Sande in Sunndal and 1913 he built a small smithy that he operated in addition to the farm. He mainly produced tools for agriculture, but Nils also demonstrated that he had a knack for finer blacksmith’s art and was therefore entrusted with the task of making locks to Sunndal Sparebank.

Storvik is headquartered in Sunndalsøra, in the immediate vicinity of Hydro Aluminum Sunndal. The company currently has over 100 employees. Since 1952 we have carried out mechanical maintenance and modifications to Hydro Aluminum Sunndal, and through this experience, we have gained understanding and expertise for all processes at an aluminum plant.

Storvik is today a leading mechanical / engineering company and provides multidisciplinary solutions, services, and projects aimed at the international aluminum industry, the ferrosilicon industry, oil and gas, as well as hydropower. Through close cooperation with the industry, we have gained considerable experience in maintenance & modification (V&M) and Engineering (EPC), as well as delivery of molded products/solutions to the aforementioned industries.

Our main markets are Norway, Iceland, Spain, the Middle East, USA / Canada and Russia. Storvik is headquartered in Sunndalsøra and is also established in the Czech Republic, Russia, Spain and Iceland. In addition, we have a branch office at Vestbase in Kristiansund.

Vision - customer promise

Storvik - your improvement partner. This is our customer promise and vision. This should be reflected in all our activity and activities, both above customers, suppliers, own employees and other stakeholders.

Business Idea

“Based on our experience, expertise and location, we will deliver competitive production, services and improvement activities in active collaboration with the customer

Storvik will be characterized by a high focus on HSE in all aspects of the organization and in our activities"

Core values

Storvik's core values ​​are Flexible, Development-oriented and Safe.

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Company Information
Sunndalsøra, Norway

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