In 1978, Structurplast was founded as a bud shoot from the industrial environment at Raufoss. The founder was originally from Sandane and worked as an engineer at Raufoss.

The founder got some partners in Sandane and the company was soon moved to Sandane. The founders died in a car accident in Gudbrandsdalen when he was on his way across the mountain with the car full of production forms to be moved from Raufoss to Sandane. The operation was then put on hold a bit.

In 1982, the company was started up again by 5 shareholders who were acquaintances or relatives of the deceased entrepreneur in addition to the original partners. Those who left used what they learned from him to continue the business.

Since then, Structurplast has developed and molded special components in polyurethane for a wide range of customers in various industries. There has been a lot of fender production, as well as boat seats and other components for the Maritime Industry.

Schat Harding, who among other things produced lifeboats, was at one time a large customer of Structural Plastics and generated high turnover. Foam filling of floating buoys has also been a major production for Structural Plastics. Fjellpulken was for a time also a major customer of Structurplast, where Structurplast, among other things, produced backrests for children's pulk.

Lærdal Medical has also been a major customer for many years and is still a significant customer in 2017. Many different components have been manufactured here, but mainly components for the life-saving doll Anna.

Health Safety and Environment

HSE is firmly rooted in our business in all aspects. The management ensures a high focus on HSE by using elaborated procedures in our HSE Handbook and encouraging active reporting from all employees.
We comply with the requirements of the Working Environment Act and have received very good feedback from the Labor Inspectorate on several occasions. We are a member of a local company health service and regularly carry out checks, exercises and other activities related to HSE.
The safety of each employee has a high focus and there are, among other things, mandatory personal protective equipment in the production area.

Quality Assurance

We have our own quality assurance manual with procedures drawn up over a long time based on long experience in the business.

We have a high focus on quality in our organization. Every product is controlled by a minimum of two people throughout the production process to eliminate any manufacturing defects. The machines in production continuously log data which gives us a good tool for post-analysis and continuous quality control.

Our departments at Sandane (Mona) and Moelv have NS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

We prepare product-specific quality routines as requested by the customer, and customer feedback is always valued and can lead to review of the routines and possibly a revision of the quality system.

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Sandane, Norway

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