Stryvo Group

Stryvo Group

The Stryvo Group consists of the companies Stryvo Oslo AS, Stryvo Bismo AS, and Stryvo AS with headquarters in Stryn. Stryvo has long traditions in welding and construction and is also a solid player in advanced machining.

Stryvo has a high level of expertise in advanced welding and machining and is highly qualified by all relevant standards.

Stryvo can offer all phases in project execution from design/construction to production, testing, installation, and documentation, and over the years has participated in many demanding and spectacular projects.


Stryvo AS was established in 1947 as Stryn Vognfabrikk. Stryvo Bismo was established in 2013. Stryvo Bismo has its expertise from former Bismo Industries, established in 1976. They have a good reputation for high quality in design and process equipment, offshore water purification systems and the energy sector.

Brødr. Skaug Mekanisk Verksted AS was acquired in 2014.

Brødr. Sundt AS was purchased in 2016. Both companies were machining companies and in 2016 they were named Stryvo Oslo AS.

Stryvo Oslo AS has its specialty in turning and machining alloy steels such as titanium, income, and super duplex. Many of Stryvo Oslo's customers are found in oil and gas or in other demanding industries.
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Stryn, Norway

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