SubseaDesign (SD) is an engineering, design and fabrication company providing equipment and services for the oil and gas industry. SD represents a high level of competence and experience gathered by the senior employees from many years in central positions in the oil and gas industry.


SD`s services are established around a senior staff coming from central positions in the oil industry. Their experience include detailed knowledge of functional requirments, standards and regulations of products as well as total subsea systems.

Altogether, this put SubseaDesign in a unique position of being able to offer services from the very beginning of subsea field developments, to the far end.

As a proof of the level of competence on subsea systems, SD has succeeded in taking on board the first LTE (Life Time Extension) study for a major subsea field – the Draugen Field LTE for Norske Shell.

Services offered include

  • Products and total systems expertise
  • Feed and conseptual studies
  • Life time extension – LTE studies
  • Advanced Analyces
  • 3D modelling


  • ‘SeAlign’ – Misalignment Tie-in Connection system   
  • Connection, Intervention and ROV Tooling
  • Detail Design, Template and Manifolds
  • Connectors and Clamps
  • Collet Connectors 4” – 18”
  • Wellhead Fatigue / WLR – Wellhead Load Relief Equipment  
  • Hydraulic Couplers / Connectors
  • SD proprietary Metal Seals
  • Riser Products incl. drilling Spider and Gimbal

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Company Information
Lier, Norway

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