Teo Teknikk

Teo Teknikk

Teo Teknikk became a limited company in 1985. Our first product, silo weights for agriculture, was an immediate success.

The SK crane weights for the industry were then introduced, and have now been in production for over 20 years. Efficient production has been further streamlined over the years, making us competitive in the tightly packed weight market.

Other products in the range are: forklift weight, round bale weight, livestock weight, pig weight, waist tester, wire tension gauges, pallet renders for the food industry and tipping fork for potato handling.

Teo Teknikk has well-qualified employees: calibration operators, welders, machining operators, toolmakers, mechanical engineers and innovators. Diversity and flexibility are key words for our personnel.

With a sick leave of 0.53% (2003-07) we are proud of the working conditions at Teo Teknikk. We also received a very positive feedback from the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority in 2005, where the focus was on chemical handling.
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Nærbø, Norway

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