In 2017 Titalia celebrates in great shape twenty years of life. Founded in 1997 by Marco Riboldi, an internationally renowned expert in the production and processing of titanium and Manuel Riboldi, an experienced salesman, Titalia immediately became a real reference point for the employment of this material, making the way for titanium utilization increase both in Italy and all over the world.

Nowadays Titalia is a reliable partner: big multinationals and firms belonging to every field rely on Titalia when they have to employ this material, often in adverse environmental conditions.

Titalia's and its qualified partner's labs and workshops are specialized in the machine working and treatment of titanium.

The machine working of this material, especially the commercially pure, it's not particularly complicated provided always that its physical and chemical properties are properly observed.

Furthermore, the fully owned 2,5oo square metres forge allows Titalia to complete the titanium production cycle, handling both requests based on custom customer specifications and order of standard components in big quantities.

The excellence obtained in 20 years of uninterrupted improvements, achieved without distracting from its goal, conjoins with the flexibility of a structure able to realize several craftings in total autonomy, selecting and employing superior quality CP Titanium (Commercially Pure), called “Titanio Titalia”.

Choosing to work with Titalia means working with a partner able to guarantee maximum level expertise; moreover, the LLOYDS and Norsok M-650 Rev.4 certifications are unquestioned proofs of absolute reliability.
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Company Information
Brugherio, Italy