Tocircle Industries

Tocircle Industries

Tocircle Industries was founded in 2003 to develop and bring to market a new kind of rotary vane machine based on the ideas of Norwegian inventor Kjell Vading. Several years of development, piloting and testing i.a. with oil company Statoil and at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences have proven and qualified the Tocircle concept.

Increased efficiency and reduced carbon footprint

Our purpose

The global importance of environmental protection, resource conservation and climate protection is increasing, creating a demand for new and more efficient solutions.

Tocircle Industries focuses on energy recovery and sustainable energy production. Our technology provides significant environmental improvements to industries such as electricity generation, oil and gas development, water/desalination plants, maritime industries and transportation.

Tocircle is publicly owned, and aims to become one of Norway’s most reputable, profitable and well-known industry players within energy efficiency solutions.

A little help from our friends

Partners and supporters

The development of Tocircle’s technology would not have been possible without the unwavering support, financing, help and counselling from public authorities, industrial associations, research institutes and not the least - our pilot customers and partners.

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