Tratec Halvorsen

Tratec Halvorsen

A southern industrial group that provides services in electrical, pipe, automation and mechanical to industry, construction, housing, transport and offshore.

Tratec is a Southern Nordic industrial group founded in 1996. Today we have 300 employees in the group, and a total turnover of NOK 500 million.

Tratec provides technology, projects and services in mechanical, electrical, pipe and automation to a variety of markets. It is a strategy for Tratec to have many legs to stand on. We have a solid position in transport, industry, municipal, offshore, maritime, construction, and the private market. Tratec operates through a number of companies located in Southern Norway.

Tratec's vision is "Together We Create Values" .

In Tratec and with our customers, we will collaborate, develop, deliver expertise and technology to create results, quality, growth and good jobs.  

Tratec is built on active and living values:

Quality  - Tratec must be characterized by the right quality in everything we do.
Trust - Our customers must trust us, and in Tratec we have confidence in each other.
Driving power - At Tratec, we focus on efficiency, ability to execute and results.
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Øyestranda, Norway

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