TS Group

TS Group

TS Group is a group that provides multidisciplinary industrial solutions. We provide engineering, maintenance and modification services, operating support, and training. TS has grown to become a leading supplier and has long-term agreements with the largest players in our business areas.

Our customers, whether onshore or offshore, must generate great value throughout their lifecycle, from planning and development to start-up and operation. TS contributes in all phases with the goal of creating lasting value for our customers through flexibility and expertise. We are always ready to assist the customer - both on scheduled tasks and acute challenges.

TS Group's mission is to contribute to the sustainable development and operation of today's and tomorrow's industry.

Our customers should feel that TS is in the top tier when it comes to competent and committed employees, we deliver good solutions and have a high focus on follow-up. Our ambitious vision is to set the standard that others strive for!

We will achieve this by living our core values ​​in all operations:
  • Safe We must be a safe choice.
  • Proper Decency should be the cornerstone of our culture and underpin everything we do.
  • Brave We dare say! We are willing to change and dare to think again.
  • Committed We take the initiative and go to great lengths to solve the customer's needs.

Our story

TS Group was started as Technical Support in 2005 by four former employees of Norsk Hydro, who brought with them extensive experience from both the land industry and Norsk Hydro's oil and gas division. Norsk Hydro also became Technical Support's first customer. It started with deliveries of professionals to all their offshore installations in the fields of process, electrical, automation and mechanical. We also provided personnel to the Sture terminal and various engineering positions for the land organization at Sandsli.

By the end of 2005, we had become 17 employees, but the real big promise for the company came in the summer of 2006. We were contracted with Norsk Hydro ifbm. with the development of Ormen Lange's land plant at Nyhamna. The same summer, major changes took place in the process industry in Grenland, several factories were closed and many people with great competence became unemployed. Fortunately, this did not last long. We recruited over 60 people, both professionals and engineers, to participate in MC and Commissioning activities for the development of Ormen Lange's onshore facility at Nyhamna.

Technical Support was further agreed with Shell and has been present at Nyhamna since. The customer list has grown over the years and today we have deliveries to most major operating companies, V&M players and industrial companies in Norway. One of the strengths of the company is that many in management have previously sat on the customer side and have in-depth knowledge of what it is like to running facilities and running projects.

Furthermore, we know that many in the industry have long-term goals of hiring an operator and that hiring us can be the right step on the road. Since its inception, around 300 people have gone from us to permanent positions with our customers. With a strong focus on good recruitment and tidy conditions, we hope this trend continues and we get more good ambassadors in the industry.

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