TTC is a producer of heating and cooling coils in a wide range of material combinations, physical size and capacities. From copper/aluminium to stainless steel and titanium depending on the application of use.

Based on our customers need we calculate, design and produce everything in Norway. Due to this, we are able to reduce delivery time and ensure the customer requirements are met. Our standard Cu/Al coils are delivered on 10 days, however, if it is very urgent we can even produce overnight!

TTC heat exchangers are utilized in several applications and markets:

  • Oil and gas installations offshore and onshore
  • Wind farms offshore
  • Maritime installations; both on vessels and in coastal areas.
  • Industry applications such as: Chemical, pulp and paper, metallurgical and food and beverage
  • Nuclear power plant and distribution power grid
  • Commercial buildings

Heating and cooling coils are produced according to the customers’ technical specifications. In this way, the coils will be customized to their specific use regarding: capacity, choice of materials and physical dimensions.

The design software is tested and verified by Sintef and continuously improved based on the results of full-scale laboratory tests of the coils. Due to this, we are able to optimize the coils based on different requirements.

Other areas of TTC production, which is increasing, is the use of tubes in aluminium typically used for ammonium solutions or the use of de-ionized water. The production process is based on special welding methods.

The vast choice of material combinations enables TTC to produce coils to many different applications. For some special solutions, both stainless steel and aluminium tubes may be delivered as a brazed solution.

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Slitu, Norway

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