Well ID

Well ID

WELL ID is a Norwegian based Well Logging Company which performs Research & Development and provides Services to the Oil & Gas and Geothermal industries. The Company was established to fill gaps in the well logging market by utilizing modern electronics and technologies from outside the traditional Oil & Gas industries.

What started off as an idea, and backed by a successfully conducted Proof of Application, lead to the development of a Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) tool, called 4D Caliper, which includes the innovative technology developed by WELL ID.

The development of the 4D Caliper is well under way, and WELL ID is transitioning as planned from a Research & Development focus, to also encompass delivery of innovative and complementary Logging-While-Drilling Services in the North Sea.

WELL ID is a believer in cooperation and collaboration for quick to market innovations and is developing its technologies together with industry leaders. The development of the 4D Caliper is supported by Conoco Phillips, Equinor, Regionalt forskningsfond Vestlandet, The Norwegian Research Council and VRI Rogaland.

The WELL ID team is innovative and multi-disciplinary with background and experience from mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, signal processing, petroleum engineering, geology and petrophysics.

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Rogaland, Norway