Westad Industri

Westad Industri

Westad aims to be the leading supplier of high tech butterfly valves for LNG, LPG, chemicals and other critical applications serving the Marine and Oil & Gas industries. The company was established in 1895 by Daniel Westad. At the time, the company manufactured valves to local pulp and paper industry. Various transitions in the industry allowed Westad to start serving the Marine industry around 1950.

With the arrival of oil and gas production in Norway in the late 1970’s, Westad adapted its product lines to serve this demanding market segment. Material requirements increased, and Westad delivered on its reputation. Special stainless steel materials like Titanium, Duplex, Super-duplex and 6MO became the common materials for valves in demanding services.

Today Westad designs and manufacture high performance double- and triple offset butterfly valves in preferred materials for LNG, LPG, chemicals and other critical applications. Specific applications in the Marine industry include:

  • LNG tankers
  • LPG and LEG tanker systems
  • Chemical and Product tankers

Land-based and Offshore applications include:

  • LNG liquifaction, handling and storagefacilities
  • Critical sea water systems on oil and gas producingplatforms
  • Corrosive service in mining installations

Westad Industri AS is located at Geithus approx 70 km outside Oslo.

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Geithus, Norway