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Marin TM Ltd

Marin TM Ltd

Comprehensive specialist service providing specialist services in the areas of full ocean depth excavation, recovery, decommissioning, drilling and offshore support.

Bespoke solutions
With more than 30 years experience, Marin knows that no 2 projects are ever the same. Each client brings a unique set of circumstances requiring a unique solution, and is the reason you will never just be directed to a list of tools and services.

Marin's equipment is proprietary technology that is innovative and versatile. The Evo Excavation System is proven next-generation tooling completely unrestricted by water depth.

Leading Marin is the team responsible for pioneering and refining two pivotal subsea excavation techniques: MFE (mass-flow excavation) and claycutting.

Nobody does it deeper

Marin has a strong bias towards oil and gas frontiers, delivering complete solutions on complex projects in the toughest and harshest of locations globally. Marin’s technology is cutting edge with specialists that thrive on solving deepwater challenges.

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