Our first line of products: The SEAEXPLORER, DEEPEXPLORER and ULTRADEEPEXPLORER gliders are Underwater Unmanned Vehicles with very long endurance, allowing them to remain at sea from 4 to 8 weeks. Thanks to their buoyancy variation propulsion mode, the glider are a very silent platforms, extremely well adapted to Oil & Gas data monitoring (oil spills and Metocean), Marine environment surveys, Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA).

The second line of products is specifically for Special Naval Forces: it includes underwater vehicles to transport combat swimmers and for ISR missions.

The third line of products is specific to radio-communications antennas for Navy vessels and submarines, and expendable radio-communications buoys launched from submarines.

The fourth line of products is acoustic equipment: GIB acoustic systems are used to track underwater vehicles and torpedoes and to train crew. The DETECTOR is used to detect black boxes.


The company provides a range of engineering, maintenance and upgrade services covering naval weaponry and offshore and subsea oil and gas installations. The use of technology can also be seen in the creation and application of efficient processes. ALSEAMAR has provided its teams with an efficient methodology tool: DIAGOBSO©. The support of advanced technologies rationalizes and speeds up the auditing, obsolescence management, and reverse-engineering processes. ALSEAMAR provides and guarantees system sustainability.

ALSEAMAR provides a wide range of services:

  • Modernization of naval equipment such as obsolescence treatment, reverse engineering, mid-life retrofitting and upgrading. We operate to modernize radar, fire control, sonar launch and recovery systems, radio communications equipment and command & control panels on board Naval vessels and submarines.
  • Inspection and diagnostics, we provide Subsea Maintenance engineering (MIEC Subsea), production availability studies to achieve high production regularity on oil and gas brownfields, spare part management optimization, obsolescence processing, preventive and corrective maintenance, and repair.

ALSEAMAR operates innovative surface & subsea vehicles for autonomous observation of marine environments. The Offshore Service department proposes turnkey services from data collection to data report delivery using its powerful autonomous platforms for a variety of missions such as water quality & pollution surveys, eutrophization or acoustic monitoring, environmental baseline for Oil & Gas companies, pre-exploration / seep hunting and marine mammal surveys.

Using its 20 years of experience in underwater acoustics, ALSEAMAR also proposes turnkey solutions to detect black boxes. Immersed at 1,000 meters below sea level, DETECTOR listens to a range of over 4 kilometers and can differentiate the low flight recorder noise from the sea background noise. Using a succession of dives, ALSEAMAR’s offshore team can detect and accurately pinpoint flight recorder positions. In the recent past, ALSEAMAR successfully took part in locating plane crashes at sea, such as Egyptair flight MS804 (Mediterranean), the Sharm-El-Sheikh crash (Red Sea) and the Sotchi crash (Black Sea).

ALSEAMAR services include the shipment of equipment and staff to the site, DETECTOR deployment and recovery, and a mission report.

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