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Project Value Delivery

Project Value Delivery

The failure rate of Large, Complex Projects remains alarmingly high, not delivering the expected value. This issue even puts in jeopardy the sustainability of some entire industries. At the same time, Infrastructure Owners expect to award turn-key contracts for larger and increasingly complex projects, and Contractors struggle to scale accordingly.

Project Value Delivery is a consulting company founded in 2011 to respond to those particular needs. Our mission is to help organizations tackle Large, Complex projects in a more reliable way. Ultimately we want to be able to deliver a framework that makes Large, Complex Projects a reliable endeavour. We are currently located in Singapore and France.

Our Clients are mainly:
• Owners that seek more reliable and sustainable project execution for their infrastructure needs,
• Contractors that have decided to enter the market of Large, Complex Project execution; this includes both newly established organizations, and companies that have been successful in executing smaller, simpler projects and intend to scale up;
• Established project management companies for Large, Complex Projects that encounter difficulties in the start-up or delivery of their projects and require support to resolve their current issues, and implement more robust operating methods.

Cost-Effective Consulting that Delivers Solid Business Result

At Project Value Delivery we believe that complex project success is based on 3 main pillars which require specific sets of skills and methodologies specific to Large, Complex Projects. All three need to be strong to allow for ultimate success.

Compared to the usual consulting companies, our consulting approach is extremely cost effective: we have only senior hands-on consultants with large EPC project experience and we
prefer to work on a retainer basis – you pay only when we work for you and we remain contactable in the meantime.

Because of our business experience in Large Complex Projects and at the executive level in Projectdriven organizations, we understand the needs and drivers of your business and we can provide solutions to enhance value - up to cost optimization and accounting methods reviews.

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