Seastar srl has been operating as a Shipping Agency since 2002, independent from Nadep and Ifa but offering complementary services.

Seastar provides assistance  to ships in transit in the Port of Ravenna, carrying out all customs procedures, as well as dealing with tax and ship logistics. It can also provide assistance and information in all Italian ports in which Seastar operates through a network of experienced and reliable sub agents.

Seastar is ship agent in several sectors of trade such as granary, general goods, aggregates, etc. ..

Dealing with ship hiring, Seastar finds the best ships of any type and tonnage, to any destination and for any type of cargo.

In every sector, at Seastar we offer a high quality service , supported by  professional and competent staff, constantly trained and available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
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Company Information
Ravenna RA, Italy